National Boat Racing Association

2018 NBRA Racing Schedule - Tentative

​Washington      October 7th & 8th, 2017   Hosting Club Rooster Tails
Tunks               May 18th-20th                  Hosting Club LBRA
Clarksville, AR    June 8th-10th                  Hosting Club ODA
Grove, OK         June 29th-July 1st             Hosting Club OBRA
Centralia, IL      July 27th-29th                   Hosting Club ODA
Clarksville, AR    August 17th-19th            Hosting Club ODA 

                        Long Course Nationals
Jacksonville, IL  September 7th-9th            Hosting Club ODA 

                        Short Course Nationals     
Pineville, LA       September 21st-23rd        Hosting Club LBRA
Washington       October 6th-7th                 Hosting Club Rooster Tails
Washington       TBD
Washington       TBD

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WELCOME  to the official site of the National Boat Racing Association. A site dedicated to the enjoyment and racing of Stock and Modified (Mod) outboard hydroplanes and runabouts.

The competition may only last for three laps but the friendships made here will last forever.  There are clubs all across the United States and everyone is welcome to come and join us at a race.  We frequently offer classes about racing at our events and perhaps you will choose to join us.  Those who complete ground school successfully may receive the opportunity to take a ride in one of these amazing boats.

Our site is packed with information about racing these boats, joining our racing family and our upcoming events. Be sure to check out our Breaking News page!