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National Boat Racing Association

National Boat Racing Association


MEMBERSHIP: The National Boat Racing Association (NBRA) welcomes for membership all outboard racing clubs and their members, individuals interested in the sport of outboard racing, manufacturers and dealers of outboard racing equipment, and social service clubs interested in the sponsorship of outboard racing.
 OFFICERS: The Officers of this association shall be the President, Vice-president, Safety Director, and Secretary/Treasurer, and to be elected by a majority vote cast by all members. a. All Officers, Directors, and appointed committee members, Referees, Starters, Chief Scorer and Inspectors must be members of this Association. b. No one person may hold any nationally or regionally elected office for more than 2 consecutive terms. (Term is defined as two consecutive years.) After 2 consecutive terms in any elected national or regional office the individual must stand down for one term to be eligible to hold any other future national or regional office. c. Any NBRA member wishing to run for an NBRA office, President, Vice President, Secretary/treasurer, Safety Director and Regional Commissioner, must have been an NBRA member for a period of three3 consecutive years.
 RACING COMMISSION: The Racing Commission is made up of current NBRA Members. The Racing Commission are to be elected from regions in the USA. The outgoing Commissioner in said Region is responsible for an election that occurs prior to the Annual Meeting for the Elected Commissioner of that Region. Some of the Race Commissioners are also elected or appointed officers of the NBRA as stated below. If there is no election from a region, then an election can occur immediately before the annual meeting. There will be 9 people that make up the Racing Commission as stated below: Regions without a sanctioned club, but has active racers, shall have a commissioner appointed to that region by the NBRA President to represent that region. For regions where the term is up for the current commissioner an no one wants to take over, it is up to the President of NBRA to either accept another term from the current commissioner or if that person wished to step down then the President of NBRA shall appoint a successor for a 2-year term.

Mountain and Pacific Time zone
States of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas
States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama
States of Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota
 States of Indiana, Michigan, and those States in the Eastern Time Zone
Past President of NBRA
President of NBRA
Tech Chairman (Vice President) of NBRA
Safety Director

4. DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS: The duties of the officers of the Association shall be those usually pertaining to the respective offices. The President will serve as Chairman of the Racing Commission and conduct all meetings of that body. The President has the authority to appoint special committees to carry out the affairs of the Association and may call for a financial audit at any time. The Vice President will serve as the President in the absence of the President. Will appoint Technical Committees. There will be a chairman for each division and each committee will consist of no less than three (3) members each. The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for the annual publication of a comprehensive financial report of the Association to the membership, recording of minutes of all meetings and receiving and dispersing all funds for the Association. The Secretary/Treasurer is to be bonded for an amount of funds the Association might accumulate as agreed upon by the Racing Commission. He/she will also assist the Executive Secretary. The Safety Director will be the director of all safety matters concerning the NBRA. The Safety Director will manage the Lifeline Novice Lifejacket Program. a. Coordinate with local club’s Safety Inspectors to ensure that young drivers have properly fitting life jackets b. The Safety Director has the authority to sign out a NBRA Life Jacket to the parents of the driver that requires a good lifejacket, ensuring it is returned at the end of the race season. c. When a lifejacket is returned, the Safety Director will inspect the life jacket for its condition and send any life jacket that needs repair to the LifelineCompany.

5. DUTIES OF THE RACING COMMISSION AND EXECUTIVE SECRETARY: The Racing Commission will have authority over the Association and the Associations safety program. It will establish financial, legal, public relations, and policies of the Association. The Racing Commission will hear any general member’s request for suspension proceedings against any member or impeachment charges filed against any officer or commissioner of the Association. Charges will be made in writing and mailed to any Racing Commissioner. The Racing Commission will make appointments to serve out the un-expired term, or even full term of any official should the office become vacant for any reason. In its capacity as the Racing Commission, the commission shall have full authority over enforcement of the Association rules. It will have jurisdiction to hear and make decisions on protests and controversies arising from racing and its decision will be final. 51% OF THE Racing Commission shall constitute a quorum, or voting may be by mail, telephone, and a simple majority vote will prevail on all matters after an attempt is made to contact all Commissioners. New clubs wishing to join NBRA have to be voted on by the Racing Commission. The Executive Secretary is to be chosen by the simple majority vote of the Racing Commission and will be the only compensated contractor. The handling of the Associations funds shall be the duties of the Executive Secretary and the Secretary/Treasurer jointly. The Executive Secretary shall run the affairs of the Association, subject to the direction of the president of NBRA. The Executive Secretary will act as secretary for all standing or appointed committees of the Association without the authority to cast a vote. The Executive Secretary will send the transcribed minutes of meetings within three weeks to the commissioners for review and approval.

6. DUTIES OF THE TECHNICAL COMMITTEE: The Technical Committees will act in the advisory capacity for the Racing Commission. They will make recommendations as to the changing of rules and will maintain close observations for improved safety regulations for this sport. The Committees will clarify rules adopted by the Association for their respective divisions but will not make rules.

 7. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All members in good standing of the Association have the authority to nominate individuals as candidates for offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Safety Director and Commissioner for his or her state. Any member in good standing may be nominated except as outlined in paragraph 2. Individual nominated must have agreed to serve if elected before their names are placed in nomination. These nominations must be forwarded to the NBRA office in writing on or before October 1st. The Executive Secretary will prepare a ballot and forward it to all members in good standing before October 15th. The ballot will be returned sealed via US Mail or other postal service to the Executive Secretary by the date indicated on the ballot which must be a minimum of two weeks prior to the national meeting. The Executive Secretary will have 4 days to count the ballots and make public the results of said election. The person receiving the simple majority of the votes cast for any office shall be declared elected. In the event of a tie in any election it shall fall to the racing commission to elect the winner by secret ballot. Officers will hold office until the next election. The outgoing officers will conduct the next annual meeting up to a swearing in of the new officers after old business. Names of current officers running for re-election will appear on the ballot. Write in nominations are permissible. Ballots must be brought to the national meeting along with envelopes they were received in.


9. AMENDMENT: Amendments to these by-laws must be recommended by the Racing Commission for approval of the membership.

10. THE MEMBERSHIP OF THIS ASSOCIATION SHALL BE PROVIDED AS FOLLOWS: Individuals may make an application for membership in this Association, designating whether they wish to become affiliated as a participant in boat racing or as a member outlined below:

1) * Racing Membership (except Novice)                                                $110.00

2) * Novice (1st race 10.00, remaining bal. @ 2nd race)                      $40.00

*(Note Membership in an affiliated club required)

3) Non-Racing Official Membership                                                         $35.00

4) Weekend Racing Event                                                                          $55.00

5) Racing Club                                                                                              $70.00

6) Crew/Officiating Assistant                                                                    $10.00

Note: This is a non-voting membership to give insurance to individual crew members working in the hot pits or individuals assisting race officials.

Hot pit area is defined as the area, as a minimum, of 10 feet from the water’s edge where boats are being launched.

7) Weekend Event membership and Record Runs $55.00

Note: Weekend event memberships are not honored for NBRA’s National races. Weekend event members are not eligible for National Championships, recognition, prizes or awards. Weekend memberships can be credited towards a full membership when the participant races in her/her second event. a) Racing club dues must be paid by January 15th.

a) $20.00 late fee will be charged if paid after due date. The calendar year of the Association is January 1 st – December 31st at which time all memberships expire. The sanction fees for all regular NBRA races will be $100.00 except championships races, which will be $150.00 and record sanction will be $150.00

b) Voting members are limited to racing membership, Novice and non- racing & official membership in the Mod Division. 1

11. DISCIPLINE: Charges against any member of this Association for violating the rules and by-laws of the Association, or for conduct unbecoming of a gentleman or lady, or acting in an unsportsmanlike manner, or against an elected officer for the mishandling of the Associations affairs shall be in writing and sent to the President and the Executive Secretary with a full statement of facts and all matters concerning such charges. The President must delegate a committee to conduct hearings and said committee must forward to the President and Executive Secretary the findings as well as recommendations for punishment to include any one or combination of the following options: Verbal warning, forfeiture of points, monetary fine up to $500.00, and disqualification from any NBRA sanctioned event for up to one calendar year. In the event a fine is imposed the offending member is banned from attending any NBRA sanctioned event until the fine has been paid in full. These findings and recommendations shall then be mailed by the Executive Secretary to each member of the Racing Commission. The Racing Commission shall have the authority to enforce the penalties and the decision of the Racing Commission will be final. If a fine is imposed, the funds are to be paid into the treasury of the Association.


(a) All proposals pertaining to the rule changes will be submitted to the appropriate committee members present at the National meeting for discussion. If the majority of those committee members present vote in favor of the rule change it will be submitted to the general membership present for their approval to be placed on the ballot. They may vote for or against the proposed change. Their decision is final. All changes must be voted on by drivers concerned. All changes voted on must receive a majority of votes cast and at least 25% of the drivers racing in the most recently completed racing season in the class concerned.

(b) TECHNICAL RULES: All Proposals pertaining to rule changes which pertain to boat and motor will be checked by the Technical committee concerned and submitted to those members present at the National meeting for discussion. If the majority of those members present vote in favor of the rule change it will be submitted to the racing commission for their approval to be placed on the ballot. They may vote for or against the proposed change. Their decision is final. All changes must be voted on by drivers concerned. All changes vote on must receive a majority of votes cast and at least 25% of the registered drivers in the class(es) concerned

(c) FOR RULE CHANGES: Any member desiring a rule change must submit the suggested change in writing to the national office prior to the National meeting or allowed to be submitted during the meeting if time permits. The annual meeting will be held near November 1st of each year. Only voting members and racing commissioners present will be allowed to vote. No proxies are permitted. The proposed rule change will then be placed on a rules ballot and forwarded by the National office to all members concerned by January 1st. All changes voted on must receive a majority of votes cast. If through error in adopting or amending any rule it is found to be unworkable, hazardous or not in the best interest of the association. The racing commission may make a decision concerning such rules and issue to all members concerned a notice of change.

(d) PROCEDURES FOR SAFETY RULES: All proposals pertaining to safety rule changes will be submitted to the safety committee members present at the national meeting for approval. If the majority of those members present, vote in favor of the rule changes, it will be submitted to the racing commission for their approval. They may vote for or against the proposed change. Their decision is final as safety rules are not sent to ballot.

13. PROCEDURES FOR ADOPTING NEW RACING CLASSES: Any member in good standing may submit a request to the national office, accompanied by a petition signed by 25 individuals indicating their desires for a new class. Such a request and petition will be forwarded to the members of the Racing Commission for its decision as to whether or not the proposed class should be adopted. Included in the request must be complete data concerning the new class, with recommendations for proposed rules. The Racing Commission may, at its discretion, admit the new class on probation on a national scale or designate that it be run in a designated district, or admit the class as an addition to other classes on a national scale.

14. NBRA PURCHASES: Anything costing $500.00 or more is to be approved by the Racing Commission.

15. NBRA RACE FUNDING: NBRA will provide to the host club of the Short Course Nationals $1000.00 per day and the host of Long Course Nationals $2,000.00 to help offset the cost of needed officials, scorers, and inspectors, or anything else related to the national event. (a) Expenditure of these provided funds must be accounted for and provided to the National Office.

16. Championships:

(a) There will be only 1 Long Course Nationals and 1 Short Course Nationals per race Season.

(b) The award of a championship race will have as a major selection factor the proposed tow money available. Therefore, the club bidding for a championship needs to put forth their best serious good faith estimate of proposed tow money.

17. NBRA RULEBOOK: After the annual meeting rule changes have been voted on by the Members in a sealed ballot those rules passing will be updated in the rulebook for the upcoming race season. This rulebook will be posted on the NBRA web site ( and an electronic media form or print of the rulebook will be sent to each voting member as they sign up for the upcoming year. Voting members can print a hard copy, either off the website or use the electronic media form for their own use. All rule changes or corrections must be documented on the change page in the subsequent rulebook.

Class Descriptions, See current rulebook under Tech section

Class Information - Downloadable

NBRA By Laws

Rule Book - Downloadable

2020 Rule book is available in a PDF format by clicking the following link, you can download it to your computer for reference or you can print it to put in your tool box.  The 2020 rule book will be uploaded as soon as it is finalized and published.