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National Boat Racing Association

2017 Officers

President                                                                                                Executive Secretary
Alan VanWheele                                                                                      Cherie Crews
948 Dogwood Dr                                                                                    8124 Timber Fall Trail
Lake Charles, LA 70611                                                                          Fort Worth, TX 76131
337-304-0379                                                                                        817-692-7750

Vice President (Tech Director)                                                                 Secretary/Treasurer
Alan Owen                                                                                              Pam Baze
PO Box 55                                                                                              901 N 10th Apt 10
Hoffman, IL 62250                                                                                 Quincy, IL 62301
618-322-1160                                                                                        217-222-3205

Safey Director
Richard Baze
1696 East County Road 170
Westpoint, IL 62380

2017 Racing Commissioners

Alan VanWheele -- President 337-307-0379
Dave Nichols -- Immediate Past President 805-208-0611
Alan Owen -- Tech Chairman 618-495-2521
Richard Baze -- Safety Director 213-430-9179
Jeromy Sumrall -- Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama 601-573-1347
Dave Mason -- Indiana, Michigan, & Eastern Time Zone 269-965-8406
Steve Johnson -- Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin & Minnesota 925-807-1578
Leonard Miller -- Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Texas 918-791-1733
Keith Kampen -- 314-838-2204

2017 Clubs

Arkansas Outboard Racing -- President Jeff Ruth - 479-927-2847
Lonestar Outboard Racing -- President Jeff Crews - 817-944-1430
Oklahoma Boat Racing Assoc. -- President Jon Good - 918-520-3551
Outboard Drivers Assoc. -- President Keith Kampen - 314-497-2502
Pelican Outboard Racing Assoc. -- President Shane Hebert - 255-658-2159
Star Outboard Racing Assoc. -- President Ray Hunley - 214-364-0479Type your paragraph here.

About NBRA


This rule book is provided to ensure the utmost safety and fair competition is observed. If you find a needed correction please contact the National Office.Use this rule book to request rule changes at the national meeting.

Read and understand these rules before entering a NBRA race. 


On November 3, 2001, The name National Boat Racing Association(NBRA), was proclaimed and will remain in our hearts, for kneel down boat racers across the water of our nation, that we still have the rights  as mature adults not to have the wishes of others crammed up out exhaust pipes.

In Kansas City, Mo. on this day in a small room with 35 people wishing to put the fun back into boat racing, formed a new club. Officers were elected,a race schedule prepared, a lap down form of racing was adopted along with a new motor and classes were shortened to 15. All this and much more was done with harmonious decisions by racers from Missouri,Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas.

Is this a great club you belong to or what?


 "The purpose of the National Boat Racing Association is to, actively promote the sport of stock and modified outboard hydroplane and runabout racing by encouraging  and advancing safety, increase the awareness of the sport and expanding it's competition.

Competition lasts 3 laps, friendships forever