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Reminder -  The cost of the 2018 NBRA Membership is now $110.00!


From the desk of the President

Our NBRA family of racers grew last year with the addition of our new west coast club and it a great addition to the our NBRA organization

Today I would like to express my sincere thanks to all our members that make NBRA more a family then just another racing organization. To our returning members thankyou and to our new members welcome. Our club members love to help folks that are just getting started in the sport and provide all the assistance you might need. To foster our boat racing sport we offer a novice training program this year through the Louisiana Boat Racing Association (LBRA) where everything required to race as a novice will be provide on loan at the race site. Additionally each racing member will receive a free pair of Lifeline Kevlar socks at the first race you attend this year provided by our Louisiana club.

NBRA is dedicated to making boat racing fun, great friendships and at the lowest cost to the folks that participate. Our club can only grow if we all bring in new racers and work to make boat races happen. Each of our member clubs work hard to make boat racing events come to life. As a local club member I ask that you become involved in you club and help make racing the best as we can make it.

This coming racing season we will additional events added to our race schedule. Also we have added an additional $1 million of race date insurance paid for by NBRA and at no cost to our local clubs. 2018 should be an exciting year for NBRA and I wish all a successful and productive racing season.


Alan P. van Weele Sr

NBRA President

2018 Ballot Results are in!

Posted 1/24/18

The ballot results are in and are as follows:


​Posted August 18, 2016

​Per Debbie Lake the Executive Secretary the following document is an update and amendment to the 2016 Tech Weights