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2017 NBRA Racing Schedule is posted on the Home Page!



April 8, 2017 - Word has just been received from Len Miller that the Ozark race has regrettably been cancelled.

2017 Grove Race Dates changed

The dates for Thunder on Wolf Creek have been changed to accommodate our sponsor Cherokee Casino.  August 18-19-20. Referee-Jack Stotts, race director- Rick Miller, Sponsor- Cherokee Grove Casino, Ray Rodda-Announcer, meet and Greet at Cherokee Casino Friday and Saturday evening. Testing noon Friday till 5pm, testing 9am till 11am, Racing 12:30pm, till 5:00. Racing Sunday 12:30pm till 4:30. High point Trophy and prizes. 2.4million facility, .6 mile course. Questions or need information, contact Len Miller 1-918-791-1733

​2017 Race Schedule Changes

​From the Desk of the President

Here are the revised race dates
Tunk's May 5, 6, 7
Ozark May 19, 20, 21
Centralia Aug 4, 5, 6


2017 Ballot Results

The 2017 Ballot results are complete.  View the attached PDF submitted by Cherie Crews for details.

From the Desk of the 2017 President

The National Boat Racing Association (NBRA) is preparing for the 2017 season and moving forward with some exciting changes. The first order of business is to update our web site that can be found under a hydroracer banner. For ease to get directly to the site click here. Although not all the data has been refreshed we should get a great deal done in the next few weeks.

One thing that we would like to do is find sponsors that would like to have a hot... link posted on our opening page. The basic cost for a full year will be $250.00. To further discuss this or for additional information please contact Alan van Weele at

The 2017 race schedule is being put together and will be posted shortly. One thing for sure our tow money commitments are very good. The Long Course Nationals will provide $6,000.00 and the Short Course Nationals will again have $10,000. Additional information will be available in the next few weeks.

The novice boat racing program is moving forward and we have commitments for basic racing hardware. The Louisiana Boat Racing Association will be sponsoring the novice racing program. If anyone would like more information contact me on Facebook.

Alan van Weele

​​From the Desk of the 2017 President

​The National Boat Racing Association held our annual meeting and awards ceremony this November 5, 2016 in Claremore Oklahoma. The event was well attended and I would like to thank all the folks who attended. First and foremost I want to congratulate all of our national champions and in particular Matt Allen for his outstanding achievement in winning the overall high point trophy. The 2016 racing season saw some outstanding competition and we are looking forward to 2017 which ...will bring some new race to our schedule. I would also like to welcome the new offices and commissioners to the organization where our common goal is to promote the family sport of Boat Racing. The final element that makes this all happen is the efforts undertaken by our local clubs. Without their hard work of all our volunteers, none of this can happen!

During 2017 we will see some exciting things happen in the NBRA. As we all realize the sport is need of new drivers and for a family that would like to race but does not want to expend funds before finding out if they like the family hobby of boat racing. To facilitate their desire we will be offering Novice enrolment in NBRA at no cost to the family. This offer is extended to all current members and anyone that want to become involved with the NBRA. To make this happen one of the NBRA member clubs, the Louisiana Boat Racing Association (LBRA), will provide the racing equipment, safety gear, training, fuel and race site safety training along with paying the required dues NBRA. The only requirement is a desire to race and filling out the club paperwork. The intent is to have two complete novice hydro’s at each of the NBRA season’s races that will be powered with Yamato 80’s and have the mandated carburetor restrictor plate installed to limit the speed. For information on the club please visit our website To view a promotional video you can view it here at For anyone that would like to contribute to this effort the LBRA is an IRS 501c3 corporation and your contributions will be tax deductible.

For anyone that is interested in anything NBRA we have setup a mail account to ask question or request additional information. I can be reached on

Alan van Weele Sr
President of NBRA

Ballots are In

​Posted October 28, 2016

According to Debbie Lake, Executive Secretary

"The ballots are in the New officers will be President Alan Van Weele, Vice President Alan Owen, Secretary/Treasurer Pam Baze and Safety Director Richard Baze. The official count of the ballots will be done at the National Meeting."


​Posted August 18, 2016

​Per Debbie Lake the Executive Secretary the following document is an update and amendment to the 2016 Tech Weights